Hong Kong: Park Life

I’ve always really loved big parks in cities. It’s really odd that you come to a metropolitan city like Hong Kong and then immediately try to find ways to escape the hustle and bustle, but nowhere really quite gets that contrast like Hong Kong Park, near to Admiralty MTR station in the centre. The park itself is pretty big, with waterfalls, cafes, fountains and a big aviary to boot. But what’s really striking about it is that it’s nestled within the iconic skyscrapers which define the city of Hong Kong. You can stroll through the grassy areas, listening to the bird song, then look up and see a massive, sleek feat of architecture right in front of you. Hong Kong’s a city of contrasts but it’s not normally so striking.

View from Hong Kong Park
View from Hong Kong Park

The park also houses a big aviary towards the rear which is good if you’re a bird lover. It’s free and it was good practice for my photography (though I did get lens envy when I saw the hardcore photographers with their lenses the size of a small plane). If you get over the hordes of annoying kids on school trips (they’re annoying in every country) and the fact that you’ll probably only see about 5 birds, it’s a nice leisurely stroll to pass the time.

Photoshoot for GQ's October 2014 issue
Photoshoot for GQ’s October 2014 issue

Not happy with one park, I decided to head to a second one close by (it was a Sunday after all). This one, Tamar Park, is also close to the Admiralty MTR and sits on the waterfront. It was a blisteringly hot day so I grabbed a picnic from a nearby bakery, planted myself underneath a tree and looked out on the waterfront. It was packed so was pretty hard to find a shady spot but it was a lovely, chilled out afternoon. The park itself is just a collection of green lawns but the view makes it something special and we all know how much I love a good view. It might be a nice revision spot when I finally bother to do some work too.

Tamar Park
Tamar Park

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