Rome: The Not So Ancient Bit

Looking damn good is a bit of a theme in Rome because the extraordinary sights don’t stop at the Colosseum. We decided to wander towards the Trevi Fountain, about a 20 minute walk from the Colosseum. I admittedly didn’t know much about the fountain other than the fact it was lucky to throw money in. I got quite a shock when we walked down a narrow side street heading towards it. I commented that it must be behind that massive building in front of us until I realised it was the massive building in front of us. It blew me away how absolutely huge it was. It certainly puts the ones in the Trafford Centre to shame.

It was again pretty crowded but easy enough to muscle our way to the front to throw a coin in, guaranteeing our return to Rome (as if it wasn’t guaranteed already). I was still staggered by how huge it was. It’s just been restored as well so we got there at the right time.

Fontana di Trevi

Just to gloat even more, Rome had yet more amazing sights for us to see. Just a bit further down the road from the Trevi Fountain is the Pantheon with its gigantic dome roof. I didn’t realise the Pantheon is free to enter and the interior is almost as impressive as the exterior. Apparently, it’s really cool to visit when it’s raining as rain drops through the hole on the top of the roof. Having said that, we’d had our fair share of rain already so we were glad to miss that particular piece of entertainment.

Further down from the Pantheon is Piazza Navona, a huge open square which makes for great respite after traversing the streets of Rome. We hit up an ice cream place called Ai Tre Tartufi on the square which was absolutely delicious. It’s one of my favourite European traditions to sit out on a square and people watch whilst stuffing my face.

The Pantheon

We next headed over to Pincian Hill (Passeggiata del Pincio) just above Piazza del Popolo in the north of Rome. Piazza del Popolo itself is quite a nice square but above it is a brilliant viewpoint of the city and a fantastic park in which to relax. Rome is full of these little places to just sit and soak up the atmosphere usually, in my case, with a beer in hand and headphones in. Rome’s lucky it gets such nice weather. Another place to get a cracking view of the city is in the south of Rome, not a million miles down the river from the Vatican at Passeggiata del Gianicolo. It took us a bit of work to find it (though it was much easier walking  back down) but it was worth it for the stunning views of the entire city. You really get a fantastic panorama of Rome and there’s a couple of lookouts you can go to there. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of a good viewpoint.

The view of Rome from Passeggiata del Gianicolo

During our exploration, we also found the best gelataria any of us had ever visited. Not too far from the Roman Forum, and opposite the gigantic Altar of the Fatherland monument, there was a little alleyway with some steps (Via Magnanapoli) where Gelataria Panna e Liquirizia was. The gelato was to die for. It was so good and really well-priced as well considering it was in the centre. They had an offer where you could mix and match with two scoops and it was just heavenly. Definitely try and find it if you’re in that area.

Unfortunately, I’ve now made myself hungry and eager to return to Rome. I’m just going to check the price of flights…

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