Wroclaw: Szczytnicki Park

Wroclaw’s a very green city. The whole city is laid out really well with loads of green spaces, benches and cycle lanes. Sometimes it felt as if the whole city was cycling around. Considering it’s not a major tourist destination, it’s very pedestrian friendly which I appreciated. I tested this out by walking to the impossible to pronounce Szczytnicki Park which took about 45 mins – 1 hour from my hostel. The whole walk was pedestrianised so I didn’t feel like a maverick for opting to walk it rather than take the more comfortable tram. I always think it’s nice to walk out of the centre as you see real life ticking on by. The walk was super easy and I was rewarded at the end of it with this gigantic park and Wroclaw’s famous Centennial Hall.

There was some sort of sports day event going on when I was there as the gigantic fountain was surrounded by stalls and obstacles being set up. There were loads of schoolkids milling about too, as well as a stage and food trucks selling tasty bratwurst. It was almost like a carnival atmosphere.

Centennial Hall

Beyond that further, the park turns into a maze of trails and woodland walks which I really enjoyed doing. Because I’ve not landed in a country until a dog’s attacked me, one also went for me during my walk, whilst the horrid owner merely gave a smug grin and did absolutely nothing to stop her pet. It was also interesting to see the tram line going through the woods – it was a bit of weird sight to see a tram sat deep amongst the trees. All the trails are flat and usually end up veering back round so even though I spent most of my time with no idea where I was, it was pretty easy to eventually find my way back.

Centennial Hall

After all that walking, I obviously had to replenish myself with plenty of food and drink and luckily Wroclaw has plenty of brilliant and cheap options. As it’s university city, it’s really easy to find the cheap haunts as it’s usually where the students are hanging out. A particular favourite of mine was Bazylia, a short walk from the main square close to the university. All the food is laid out in a buffet and you just pick what you want, then your plate gets weighed at the end and you pay according to the weight. The first time I visited, I paid less than £2 for a pile of various Polish delicacies whilst, when I went back the next day, I discovered that between 6pm and 7pm, it’s 50% off so I got a pile of food for around 90p! It’s a great way to try new foods too, since you’re judging it on sight and smell rather than an incomprehensible name.

It’s probably no shock to learn that cheap beer is also in abundance around Wroclaw, usually around 7-9 zloty for a 0.5 glass. There’s a great little bar, Huki Muki, just off the main square on the corner of Kiełbaśnicza which does 0.3 local beers for 3 zloty. It’s got outdoor seating and is a great people watching spot. I enjoyed my last night in Wroclaw sitting there thinking about what a great, chilled out city Wroclaw is. I’m sure I’ll be back in Poland one day to see what else this brilliant country has to offer.

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