Continent: South East Europe

Capital City: Sarajevo

Currency: Bosnian Convertible Mark

Year I Visited: 2018

I think it’s truly incredible how a country which has been so intrinsically linked to war and conflict manages to feel like a fairytale just over two decades later. Bosnia’s capital is as thriving and atmospheric as any I’ve visited. Its Old Towns are fun but retain authenticity, the prices are dirt cheap and its scenery is off the scale. It really does have it all.

My Bosnia Highlights

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Probably my favourite city in the Balkans, Sarajevo has bounced back from years of conflict remarkably well. Nestled within beautiful hills, this city’s turbulent history means its cobbled Old Town is a treasure chest of secrets and delicious, hearty food.


It doesn’t take long to realise why this fairytale city is Bosnia’s main tourist draw. Although busier than other places in the city due to daytrippers, it doesn’t feel overrun outside of the main summer season. And even so, its winding streets, iconic bridge and photogenic buildings will have you captivated regardless.

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