China: Shanghigh

Thank goodness Shanghai is such an incredible city because it was one hell of a pain to get there. In theory, it should have been easy. A 3 hour direct flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai Pudong, the city’s biggest airport, from where I could easily get the metro or a bus to the city’sContinue reading “China: Shanghigh”

Yunnan: Chilling in Dali

It was very easy to get a bus from Lijiang’s new bus station over to Dali, particularly since the bus station was literally 2 minutes down the road from Mama Naxi’s Guesthouse. I went to the ticket booth window and was able to grab a ticket for the next bus – they leave every halfContinue reading “Yunnan: Chilling in Dali”

Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 2

I awoke on Boxing Day after a lush sleep at Halfway Guesthouse along Tiger Leaping Gorge. I didn’t have chance to mention my accommodation in the other post. Halfway has mixed reviews but I’d highly recommend it – I had a great stay here. A dorm room costs just ¥40 a night (with the mostContinue reading “Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 2”

Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 1

This was it. This was the big one. Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world, was one of my main motivations for visiting Yunnan province. It had been on my radar ever since a friend mentioned it to me over a year ago and now finally, on Christmas Day, I was headingContinue reading “Yunnan: A Bit of TLG, Day 1”

Yunnan: Exploring Lijiang

My Christmas Eve plans seem destined to go awry. Three years ago on Christmas Eve in the Philippines I missed my ferry to Boracay and ended up stranded in Manila with nowhere to go. Last year I spent the entire day stuck on a veeeery long sleeper bus from Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang. ThisContinue reading “Yunnan: Exploring Lijiang”

Yunnan: Ye Olde Lijiang

I’ve heard pretty scathing indictments of long haul bus travel across Yunnan and of course trains are my favourite way to cruise anyway so it made sense to take one of the many trains from Kunming to the mountainous town of Lijiang. Taking a sleeper made the most sense (there are a number to chooseContinue reading “Yunnan: Ye Olde Lijiang”

Yunnan: Shilin Stone Forest

Kunming’s main attraction is perhaps not the city itself (charming though it is) but its proximity to amazing sights across Yunnan province. One such wonder is the Shilin Stone Forest located about 2 hours outside of the city. Formed over millions of years through tectonic activity and now a UNESCO heritage site, the Stone ForestContinue reading “Yunnan: Shilin Stone Forest”

Yunnan: Holidays are Kunming…

Kunming is one of the cheapest destinations to reach by air from Hong Kong and yet also provides a springboard to one of China’s most incredible provinces. I had originally booked to visit this area last Spring and, after that fell through, Yunnan province became an itch I really needed to scratch. I never thoughtContinue reading “Yunnan: Holidays are Kunming…”

Hong Kong to Shenzhen: So Near Yet So Far…

In many ways, Hong Kong is perfectly located to go on weekend jaunts to other places. In other ways, it’s actually one of the most isolated places in Asia. The only border it shares is with gigantic China above, with all other international trips requiring a flight. Of course, having the fourth biggest country inContinue reading “Hong Kong to Shenzhen: So Near Yet So Far…”