Continent: South East Europe

Capital City: Zagreb

Currency: Croatian Kuna

Year I Visited: 2018

I don’t need to tell you how amazing Croatia is. It’s the world’s worst kept secret that this is a country of outstanding natural beauty, gorgeously preserved Old Towns and dazzling sunsets. The only question you need to ask yourself is why you haven’t booked your flight there yet.

My Croatia Highlights

Here’s where I got to in Croatia. Click the destination name for related blog posts.


I probably would have skipped Zadar if my flight hadn’t landed here, but it’s a charming, quirky city with insane sunsets, a brilliant Old Town, fewer crowds and cheaper prices than other parts of the country. It’s definitely not one to ignore.

Plitvice National Park

This alone is a reason to come to Croatia – turquoise lakes combined with thundering waterfalls, wooden walkways and more secluded trails. The crowds flock here for a reason.


More touristy than Zadar but with good reason. Split has everything you could possibly want from a Croatian city and, in the unlikely event you get bored, is also well-situated for day trips. You could very plausibly spend your entire holiday here.


A city which needs little introduction – the prices do shoot up once you arrive here but it’s definitely worth it. Plus, it doesn’t cost a penny to get lost amongst the old winding streets or hike up for a stunning view from above.

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