East Asia

The Far East is perhaps my most favourite region in the world and the one which I’m lucky enough to call home. A vast, varied landscape steeped in culture and tradition, it has so much to offer and yet is often overlooked in favour of South-East Asia. It is true that the likes of Japan and Hong Kong are more expensive than other destinations (though there are still bargains to be found) but China is cheap as chips and holds incredible beauty. Elsewhere, you get what you pay for. This is a region where the transport is efficient, the food is exquisite and the attractions are unrivalled. Perhaps you might have to fork out a little more in places (though I can attest that Hong Kong’s expensive reputation is not completely fair), but the rewards will be truly magnificent.



Beautifully bonkers, a trip through China will take you to stunning metropolises; a wealth of cultural heritage and vistas like nowhere else on the planet.


Hong Kong

I’m unapologetically in love with the city I call home. Yes, it’s famous for its photogenic skyline but look beyond the skyscrapers and you’ll find incredible hiking, great beaches and an unrivalled food scene.



There’s still much of Japan I’ve yet to explore but what I have seen, I’ve loved. Characterised by smouldering volcanoes, traditional gardens and a population who invented the rulebook on politeness and etiquette.


South Korea

The Koreans are the cool kids of Asia and mere minutes in the capital Seoul and it’s not hard to see why. Shopping galore, incredible attractions, food to die for and a buzzing party scene are just a few reasons to add Korea to your bucket list.



If it wasn’t Hong Kong, it would most probably be Taiwan. The capital, Taiwan, is a buzzing metropolis with incredible food. Outside the capital, Taiwan’s breathtaking beauty makes it heaven for outdoor explorers.

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