Continent: East Asia

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar

Years I Lived Here: 2014-15, 2016-20

I’m in love with the city I used to call home. Yes, it’s famous for its photogenic skyline but look beyond the skyscrapers and you’ll find incredible hiking, great beaches and an unrivalled food scene. Hong Kong’s had a rough time of late but when it bounces back it is an absolute gem of a city, whether you’re an expat, a tourist or a backpacker.

My Hong Kong Highlights

Here’s where I got to in Hong Kong. Click the destination name for related blog posts.

Hong Kong Island

This is the Hong Kong most people are familiar with – towering skyscrapers, iconic tourist attractions and glitzy shopping malls. But amongst all that there are some nice surprises too, such as hidden beaches, rickety trams and panoramic hiking trails.


Cramped flats, building after building hemmed in and a never-ending supply of 7-11s, Kowloon is where I lived for 4 years and whilst it’s not always idyllic, it’s a brilliant insight into local life and is a fantastic place to get your hands on cheap, delicious food.

New Territories

Up in the north bordering mainland China, the New Territories is less explored than the rest of the city and has one thing other parts of the territory lack – space. As such, its beaches, hikes and cleaner air make it a great getaway.

Outlying Islands

Hong Kong is an archipelago which means there are loads of islands to explore, many are car-free and just a short ferry ride away from the bustling city. Hikes, beaches, swimming and great food await!

Hiking in Hong Kong

Something I was unaware of (and became quite addicted to) was that Hong Kong has a multitude of incredible hiking trails and thanks to its efficient public transport, they are almost all easily reachable. Check out my favourite trails here, here and here.

Hong Kong Practicalities

A few practical tips about life in Hong Kong, including my thoughts when I first moved there, the impact of political upheaval and getting a visa for mainland China.

Teaching in Hong Kong

For 4 years, I worked as a Native English Teacher in Hong Kong. Here’s a few thoughts and tips I’ve got from my time there.

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