Continent: South Asia

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee

Capital City: Sri Jayawardenepuna Kotte

Year I Visited: 2015

It might look small compared to its super-sized neighbour, but Sri Lanka manages to pack a lot in. More than just being India-lite, the island boasts perfect beaches; warm, friendly people and a feeling that its potential hasn’t quite been unlocked yet. I think the best is yet to come.

My Sri Lanka Highlights

Here’s where I got to in Sri Lanka. Click the destination name for related blog posts.


Sri Lanka’s not-capital is a great fusion of chaos and tranquillity, with blaring horns and cramped streets alongside large, open parks and promenades.


At the northernmost tip of the island, Jaffna was a previously war-torn city which has recovered pretty well. There’s not too much to see here but the pace of life is quiet and you can visit the most northerly point of the country.


On Sri Lanka’s east coast, this tiny town is home to a magnificent beach, so magnificent that I couldn’t drag myself away. Well worth a stop – just be prepared not to want to leave.

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