United Kingdom: Hey Dune

It’s becoming increasingly likely that 2020 will be the year of the staycation. Whilst some countries are beginning to lay out plans for a gradual reopening following the peak of COVID-19, international travel is going to be one of the last things to return to normal. That can be a bit of a depressing thought,Continue reading “United Kingdom: Hey Dune”

Mexico: Christmas in Holbox

It’s always nice to be somewhere nice for Christmas Day. Over the years I’ve spent December 25th on a beach in the Philippines; visiting waterfalls in Laos and hiking in one of the deepest canyons in the world. Last Christmas, I decided to return to the beach. I initially thought about going to Cozumel, justContinue reading “Mexico: Christmas in Holbox”

Cuba: Technicolour Trinidad

It was time to bid farewell to buzzing Santiago de Cuba and head west across the country to the beautifully preserved colonial town of Trinidad in central Cuba. This involved an eventful 14 hour overnight Viazul trip. I say eventful because it was supposed to be 12 hours but a couple of hours after settingContinue reading “Cuba: Technicolour Trinidad”

Flores: Beginning of the Ende

It was another scenic 2 hour drive from Moni to the city of Ende and this time I lucked out with a mostly empty bus, making the twisty-turny journey much more bearable. The ride costed 50,000 IDR. I was also lucky in that before we reached the city proper, I spotted my hostel and soContinue reading “Flores: Beginning of the Ende”

Flores: Livin’ La Vida Koka

It was already time to bid farewell to Bali as I excitedly boarded my plane to Flores, a few islands east. My excitement was heightened by the fact I was taking my first ever propeller plane flight, with a teeny tiny plane making the 2 hour hop to Maumere to the east of Flores. DescribedContinue reading “Flores: Livin’ La Vida Koka”

Indonesia: In With the Nusa…

I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that a flight from Brisbane to Bali took 6 hours, due to how vast Australia is, but I genuinely did think it would just be a quick hop up to Indonesia. Luckily the flight was fine. It was early so I kipped in Brisbane airport beforehand –Continue reading “Indonesia: In With the Nusa…”

Australia: Straddin’ Straddie

For my last few days in Australia, I wanted to get out of the city so decided to head to North Stradbroke Island (‘Straddie’) just 30km south of Brisbane. The second largest sand island in the world (sitting just behind Fraser Island, also in Queensland to the north), Straddie is easily accessible and blessed withContinue reading “Australia: Straddin’ Straddie”

Australia: Wild Sydney

Sydney is more than just one of the most liveable cities in the world. It is also, like I think most Australian cities, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and nature, a lot of which is easily accessible even if you don’t drive. One of the most accessible outdoor walks you can do runs from the famousContinue reading “Australia: Wild Sydney”

Australia: Peace at Last

After a trying few months, it was finally time to get back on the road again and hit a country which had eluded me for a while. Ever since I first moved to Hong Kong, I’d be saying I’d visit Australia, due to its relative closeness (still 8 hours!) to the Orient compared to theContinue reading “Australia: Peace at Last”