Caye Caulker: Go Slow, Keep Moving

After a fantastic time in Mexico, it was time for me to head south for a couple of weeks to the tiny country of Belize. English-speaking and with a much more Caribbean vibe than its Central American neighbours, Belize would be an interesting change from quintessentially Spanish Mexico. My aim was to arrive on NewContinue reading “Caye Caulker: Go Slow, Keep Moving”

Wadi Rum: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

4 and a half years ago I had a long stopover in Amman, the capital of Jordan, but wasn’t allowed to leave the airport hotel without a visa. It was from this point that I became a little bit obsessed with returning to Jordan and exploring it properly. Now, finally, I got my chance. JordanContinue reading “Wadi Rum: A Galaxy Far, Far Away”

Greece: Heavenly Meteora

I loved my time in Albania but it was time to move south into my final European destination on this trip – Greece. There isn’t a whole load of reliable information on how to get to Greece from Albania and, specifically, Gjirokaster but buses do run. Athens is the most well-advertised destination from Gjirokaster, costingContinue reading “Greece: Heavenly Meteora”

Albania: Škoda in Shkodër

After 10 days chilling in Montenegro, it was time to move on to my next adventure in the Balkans and I hopped on a bus to Albania. There are a few buses per day heading from Ulcinj to Shkoder (listed as Skadar in Montenegro) across the border and even beyond to the capital, Tirana. TheContinue reading “Albania: Škoda in Shkodër”

Montenegro: The Bay of Kotor

It was time to move on to my next country in the Balkans, Montenegro, just south of Croatia. Arranging transport from Dubrovnik was easy enough since it’s very close to the border. Fairly regular buses run daily to Herceg Novi, Kotor, Budva and Ulcinj. I booked my bus on GetByBus and printed my ticket justContinue reading “Montenegro: The Bay of Kotor”

Croatia: Winter is Coming

Croatia’s southernmost major city is probably the one I most associate with Croatian beauty – it’s certainly the city I think of when I think of Croatia. It’s perhaps ironic then that I enjoyed Dubrovnik less than Zadar and Split. However, it’s still absolutely worth a visit. A slightly less enjoyable Croatian city is stillContinue reading “Croatia: Winter is Coming”

Bishkek to Shymkent… the Long Way Round

I was a bit apprehensive about my return to Kazakhstan from Kyrgyzstan. Since I wanted to explore the south-west region of Kazakhstan, close to the Uzbek border, I opted not to go back to Kazakhstan through Almaty, instead heading west from Bishkek through Talas to Taraz and then onto Shymkent, Kazakhstan’s third city. My issueContinue reading “Bishkek to Shymkent… the Long Way Round”

Kazakhstan: Almaty to Bishkek

Border crossings generally stress me out since I had my passport stolen at one in 2015. I was definitely a bit apprehensive about the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan one since it was one of the most obscure I’d done, but it turned out to be relatively straightforward. Certainly, I’d take it over the Thailand/Cambodia border any day.

Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang: The Christmas Commute

After a 17 week slog at work, it was nice to be finally heading away for Christmas and New Year. However, as I was planning to spend Christmas in the popular Laotian city of Luang Prabang, I still had quite a journey to go.

Hong Kong to Shenzhen: So Near Yet So Far…

In many ways, Hong Kong is perfectly located to go on weekend jaunts to other places. In other ways, it’s actually one of the most isolated places in Asia. The only border it shares is with gigantic China above, with all other international trips requiring a flight. Of course, having the fourth biggest country inContinue reading “Hong Kong to Shenzhen: So Near Yet So Far…”