The Budapest to Belgrade Train

Getting a train ticket from Budapest to Belgrade is so easy that it makes me wonder why more people don’t make the leap from Hungary to the Balkans. The ticket can be bought online or head to the international ticket office at Budapest Keleti station. You have to get a ticket and wait for yourContinue reading “The Budapest to Belgrade Train”

Budapest: Simply the Pest

Budapest isn’t just contained to one side of the Danube. On the other side of the river, there’s even more places to explore. The bulk of Budapest Castle is free to enter and the majority of it is open air, making for a great walk up to the top. There’s everything from steps and rampsContinue reading “Budapest: Simply the Pest”

Budapest: Big Buda

The almost 7┬áhour train journey from Prague to Budapest may have been somewhat cramped (though there was some great scenery, particularly going through Slovakia) but it was worth it to arrive in what would end up being one of my favourite travel destinations ever. Budapest is an absolutely amazing city. I could have stayed thereContinue reading “Budapest: Big Buda”