Hong Kong: Leaving the 852

The word ‘unprecedented’ is banded about a lot at the moment and, certainly, the world feels like a pretty topsy-turvy place as COVID-19 continues to completely disrupt lives. However, in many ways the residents of Hong Kong got an early taste of what ‘unprecedented’ really meant in 2019, back when the word ‘coronavirus’ was unknownContinue reading “Hong Kong: Leaving the 852”

South Korea: Falling in Love with Seoul

I’d only been back in Hong Kong for 2 and a half days, so it was definitely time to pack my bags and head off again. I was very excited about this one. South Korea had been on my ‘list’ for sometime after hearing great things about it. I didn’t think I’d have the timeContinue reading “South Korea: Falling in Love with Seoul”

Keep Calm and Occupy Central

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ll know that Hong Kong has been all over the news recently as the Occupy Central protest movement heats up. It’s a fascinating time to be living in the city, interacting with locals and watching history unfold in front of me. Interdisperse this withContinue reading “Keep Calm and Occupy Central”