Hong Kong: Leaving the 852

The word ‘unprecedented’ is banded about a lot at the moment and, certainly, the world feels like a pretty topsy-turvy place as COVID-19 continues to completely disrupt lives. However, in many ways the residents of Hong Kong got an early taste of what ‘unprecedented’ really meant in 2019, back when the word ‘coronavirus’ was unknownContinue reading “Hong Kong: Leaving the 852”

Hong Kong: The Expat Life – Part 2 (Life as a NET)

A couple of months ago I wrote a post outlining my initial return to Hong Kong last year and my training with educational NGO Chatteris Education Foundation. In this post, I’ll go into detail about my day to day working life as a Native English Teacher (NET)¬†here in Hong Kong: the highs and the lows;Continue reading “Hong Kong: The Expat Life – Part 2 (Life as a NET)”

Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail: Hong Kong’s Hidden Gem

It never ceases to amaze me how, after almost 2 years of living in Hong Kong and hiking most weekends, it still has the ability to present exciting new¬†trails which I’ve never heard of before. I found this particular trail simply whilst browsing on Google Maps and noticing a hiking route crossing through Tai LamContinue reading “Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail: Hong Kong’s Hidden Gem”

Hong Kong: The Expat Life – Part 1 (Teacher Training)

I realised that I’ve been teaching in Hong Kong for nearly 8 months now and yet I’ve never done a proper blog post about what my job entails and the pros/cons etc. Obviously teaching is a great gateway to travel and I feel like Hong Kong can often be overlooked by TEFL applicants in favourContinue reading “Hong Kong: The Expat Life – Part 1 (Teacher Training)”

20 Brilliant Hong Kong Hikes (Part 2)

A month ago I posted the first part of a post detailing my top hikes in the trekking oasis that is Hong Kong. Here I continue my countdown, in no particular order, of my favourite places to escape from it all in this sprawling metropolis…

Hong Kong: Nam Sang Wai

I feel like a broken record when I say one of the things I adore about Hong Kong is the ease at which you can escape the skyscrapers and blaring car horns and end up surrounded by utter tranquility. When the weekend came about in all its sunny glory, I decided to soldier on throughContinue reading “Hong Kong: Nam Sang Wai”

20 Brilliant Hong Kong Hikes (Part 1)

Before I came to Hong Kong, I had never hiked. In fact, my idea of exercise was opening a tin of Aldi pasta sauce (and if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know how much of a workout that can be). It was probably one of the biggest surprises to me that Hong Kong is ladenContinue reading “20 Brilliant Hong Kong Hikes (Part 1)”

Hong Kong: Po Lo Shan (Pineapple Mountain)

I’ve become slightly addicted to hiking in Hong Kong at the moment. The weather for the past couple of weeks has been absolutely glorious – clear blue skies but a drop in temperature have meant I can still marvel at Hong Kong’s vistas without melting into a puddle of sweat. As I’m doing more hikesContinue reading “Hong Kong: Po Lo Shan (Pineapple Mountain)”

Hong Kong to Shenzhen: So Near Yet So Far…

In many ways, Hong Kong is perfectly located to go on weekend jaunts to other places. In other ways, it’s actually one of the most isolated places in Asia. The only border it shares is with gigantic China above, with all other international trips requiring a flight. Of course, having the fourth biggest country inContinue reading “Hong Kong to Shenzhen: So Near Yet So Far…”