Istanbul: Touchdown in Turkey

I always find it pretty exciting when I leave the airport of a city I’ve previously only transited through, I’m not quite sure why. My excitement was through the roof for Istanbul then – this was my fourth time landing in the city but only my first time passing through immigration and entering Turkey properly.Continue reading “Istanbul: Touchdown in Turkey”

Holguin: My First Taste of Cuba

It probably took me all of about 5 minutes after stepping out of Holguin airport to realise Cuba was unlike any destination I had ever visited. All the cliches are true. Huge 1950s cars own the streets and not just in token numbers. They are everywhere. Don’t fancy a 50s motor to get you around?Continue reading “Holguin: My First Taste of Cuba”

Albania: Trendy Tirana

After my spell in the remote Albanian countryside, it was time to head back to city life as I ventured south to Albania’s capital, Tirana. From Shkodër, transport is regular with buses heading there roughly once an hour. Given Albania’s aversion to proper bus stations, from Shkodër you catch the bus just off the bigContinue reading “Albania: Trendy Tirana”

Australia: The (Not Much) Sunshine State

As I strolled along the promenade of Shorncliffe, a quaint Queensland town, the calm water to my right and the clear blue sky above me, I heard a lady remark to her friend, “We’re so lucky to live here” and I couldn’t help but agree. That’s been my sentiment throughout my time in Sydney andContinue reading “Australia: The (Not Much) Sunshine State”

Australia: Peace at Last

After a trying few months, it was finally time to get back on the road again and hit a country which had eluded me for a while. Ever since I first moved to Hong Kong, I’d be saying I’d visit Australia, due to its relative closeness (still 8 hours!) to the Orient compared to theContinue reading “Australia: Peace at Last”

Yunnan: Exploring Lijiang

My Christmas Eve plans seem destined to go awry. Three years ago on Christmas Eve in the Philippines I missed my ferry to Boracay and ended up stranded in Manila with nowhere to go. Last year I spent the entire day stuck on a veeeery long sleeper bus from Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang. ThisContinue reading “Yunnan: Exploring Lijiang”

Yunnan: Ye Olde Lijiang

I’ve heard pretty scathing indictments of long haul bus travel across Yunnan and of course trains are my favourite way to cruise anyway so it made sense to take one of the many trains from Kunming to the mountainous town of Lijiang. Taking a sleeper made the most sense (there are a number to chooseContinue reading “Yunnan: Ye Olde Lijiang”

Yunnan: Shilin Stone Forest

Kunming’s main attraction is perhaps not the city itself (charming though it is) but its proximity to amazing sights across Yunnan province. One such wonder is the Shilin Stone Forest located about 2 hours outside of the city. Formed over millions of years through tectonic activity and now a UNESCO heritage site, the Stone ForestContinue reading “Yunnan: Shilin Stone Forest”

Japan: Kagodreamer

Considering it’s not a city that gets a lot of publicity, certainly in Europe anyway, Kagoshima is remarkably well geared for tourism. The small airport is laden with English leaflets and brochures promoting the city’s many tourist attractions – and there’s certainly plenty.

5 (More) Places to Escape Hong Kong

Last year I made a post of some of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Since returning to the city in August, I’ve found a wealth of new places which ooze chill and beauty so I thought it was time to post an update. I’ve only just realised thatContinue reading “5 (More) Places to Escape Hong Kong”