China: Shanghigh

Thank goodness Shanghai is such an incredible city because it was one hell of a pain to get there. In theory, it should have been easy. A 3 hour direct flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai Pudong, the city’s biggest airport, from where I could easily get the metro or a bus to the city’sContinue reading “China: Shanghigh”

Greece: One Week in Athens

With my 7 week Eastern European jaunt coming to an end, I decided to finish off with a week lazing about in an Airbnb in the Greek capital of Athens. From Meteora, it’s very easy to get to Athens via train or bus, though the train is cheaper, more comfortable and just generally better becauseContinue reading “Greece: One Week in Athens”

Greece: Heavenly Meteora

I loved my time in Albania but it was time to move south into my final European destination on this trip – Greece. There isn’t a whole load of reliable information on how to get to Greece from Albania and, specifically, Gjirokaster but buses do run. Athens is the most well-advertised destination from Gjirokaster, costingContinue reading “Greece: Heavenly Meteora”

Bosnia: Making the Mostar It

Whilst Bosnia still remains relatively off the radar for many tourists who prefer to stick to the coast, one city which has arguably well and truly opened itself up to tourism is Mostar in the south of the country. Its proximity to Croatia and its iconic Ottoman-style horseshoe bridge bring many visitors day-trippers and visitors.Continue reading “Bosnia: Making the Mostar It”

Yunnan: Ye Olde Lijiang

I’ve heard pretty scathing indictments of long haul bus travel across Yunnan and of course trains are my favourite way to cruise anyway so it made sense to take one of the many trains from Kunming to the mountainous town of Lijiang. Taking a sleeper made the most sense (there are a number to chooseContinue reading “Yunnan: Ye Olde Lijiang”

Kazakhstan: Shymkent – Astana

It was an early start for me in order to catch the 6.55am train from Shymkent to Astana. As Shymkent’s railway station isn’t centrally located, the lovely Nina from House Hostel arranged for a taxi to pick me up and take me to the station for 500 tenge. There I was greeted with just oneContinue reading “Kazakhstan: Shymkent – Astana”

Japan: Kagodreamer

Considering it’s not a city that gets a lot of publicity, certainly in Europe anyway, Kagoshima is remarkably well geared for tourism. The small airport is laden with English leaflets and brochures promoting the city’s many tourist attractions – and there’s certainly plenty.

Taiwan: Capital ‘T’

I’d heard so many good things about Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, that it seemed only right to go and see what all the fuss is about. Unfortunately, travelling during Chinese New Year presents its own problems as all the trains from Hualien to Taipei were fully booked and there are no direct buses between the twoContinue reading “Taiwan: Capital ‘T’”

The Budapest to Belgrade Train

Getting a train ticket from Budapest to Belgrade is so easy that it makes me wonder why more people don’t make the leap from Hungary to the Balkans. The ticket can be bought online or head to the international ticket office at Budapest Keleti station. You have to get a ticket and wait for yourContinue reading “The Budapest to Belgrade Train”

Budapest: Big Buda

The almost 7 hour train journey from Prague to Budapest may have been somewhat cramped (though there was some great scenery, particularly going through Slovakia) but it was worth it to arrive in what would end up being one of my favourite travel destinations ever. Budapest is an absolutely amazing city. I could have stayed thereContinue reading “Budapest: Big Buda”