Mexico: Chicken Pizza

Even though there are so many ‘Wonder of the World’ lists now, it’s hard to keep up, I tend to use the 7 New Wonders of the World as my reference point so, as I arrived in the Yucatan town of Valladolid, I had only one thing on my mind – Chichen Itza. The ancientContinue reading “Mexico: Chicken Pizza”

A Guide to Cuba

Cuba is probably the most unique country I’ve ever visited. There’s nowhere else I can compare it to. It functions unlike anywhere else in the world which makes it both a fascinating and, at times, frustrating place to travel. It is, however, one of my favourite destinations in the world. I thought I’d jot downContinue reading “A Guide to Cuba”

Cuba: Havana, Ooh Na Na, Part 1

Before visiting Cuba, Havana was the only Cuban city I knew of and, for me, it epitomised Cuban life. I was expecting 1950s cars cruising down the promenade, fantastic night life, beautiful colonial buildings and live music pouring out of every corner. And boy, Havana delivered. Of course, you can get all those things inContinue reading “Cuba: Havana, Ooh Na Na, Part 1”

Cienfuegos: Why is the Rum Always Gone?

The chilled city of Cienfuegos, French rather than Spanish in origin, is only a 90 minute drive from Trinidad and made for a lovely, mellow stop on the way to Havana. It is blessed with some amazing architecture, a lovely little Malecon (promenade) and great sunsets. I found I passed the time in Cienfuegos byContinue reading “Cienfuegos: Why is the Rum Always Gone?”

Holguin: My First Taste of Cuba

It probably took me all of about 5 minutes after stepping out of Holguin airport to realise Cuba was unlike any destination I had ever visited. All the cliches are true. Huge 1950s cars own the streets and not just in token numbers. They are everywhere. Don’t fancy a 50s motor to get you around?Continue reading “Holguin: My First Taste of Cuba”

China: Shanghigh

Thank goodness Shanghai is such an incredible city because it was one hell of a pain to get there. In theory, it should have been easy. A 3 hour direct flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai Pudong, the city’s biggest airport, from where I could easily get the metro or a bus to the city’sContinue reading “China: Shanghigh”

Jordan: A Man in Amman

After sampling the desert and an ancient wonder, I was craving a bonkers Middle Eastern city and so I decided to head up north to Jordan’s capital, Amman. Despite Jordan’s small size, Amman isn’t ideally placed from the closely situated circuit of Aqaba-Wadi Rum-Petra. It’s about a 4 and a half hour drive from eachContinue reading “Jordan: A Man in Amman”

Petra: Before the Flood

I’d call Petra Jordan’s main draw but this country has so many that it’s difficult to label even Petra as the definitive sight. It’s certainly a top destination though – a fantastically preserved ancient city, a Wonder of the World and filming location for Indiana Jones (though due to my awful film knowledge I hadContinue reading “Petra: Before the Flood”