Continent: Western Europe

Currency: British Pound

Capital City: London

Years I Lived There: 1994-2014, 2015-2016, 2020-

So the weather’s often not that great and the trains are terrible, but I’ve discovered over the years that life at home can be an adventure too. And for many people, the UK isn’t home – people head here for the breath-taking national parks, the cool cities, the pub culture and the mostly friendly people – make sure you steer clear of Brexit.

My UK Highlights

Here’s where I got to in the UK. Click the destination name for related blog posts.


The UK’s capital needs little introduction. Laden with iconic sights, it is a tourist’s dream. Practically everywhere you turn there’s something famous in this city. It’s also packed with over 3500 pubs, loads of great parks, a long river and, on occasion, Her Majesty.


Up in the North, York was my home for three years and it’s a fantastic city, both to live and to visit. The people are friendly, the food is hearty and the winding, cobbled streets within the city walls are great for exploring. 10 points if you can find Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate.


One of my favourite cities in the country, Liverpool is obviously well-known for football and The Beatles, giving it a buzzing atmosphere and great nightlife. There’s much more to explore here though, with some fantastic windy beaches and rolling sand dunes nearby.


A good place for sheep spotting (there are 10 million of them) but also a nation of fantastic natural beauty, from the peaks of Snowdon to the rugged coast. Getting about can be tricky but Wales has got a lot to offer.

Lake District

It’s not hard to see why people love the Lake District so much, it’s really quite something. Although up in the North, it’s a pretty easy train journey from London and is absolutely worth your time. Grab your walking shoes and explore England’s most stunning area.

Peak District

Nestled between industrial cities, the Peak District is a welcome shock to the system. The hikes here are accessible but incredible, and usually end in a quaint village pub. With a train line running right through it, this beautiful area is really easy to get to as well.

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